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It takes dedication to achieve the peak of perfection. At LRG, this has always been our goal. Selecting from the best systems from the best manafacturers with the best processing and the clearest sound reproduction possible. The results are truly outstanding audio systems. And we know that you will be impressed with the results.

Leading products, systems and components from Marantz, BOSE, Yamaha, B&W, Mordaunt-Short, Denon and others allows us to offer you a selection unequalled on the island of Ireland. As Yamaha Platinum dealers, a BOSE Centre of Excellence and Marantz certified dealers just to start with, we can build a system to suit your exacting needs. Indoors or outdoors, sleek and fine or domineering, we allow you to stay in control with unrivalled sound clarity always ensuring the perfect reception.

  From Marantz

30th Anniversary Limited Edition Integrated Amplifier and CD System

KI Pearl from MarantzKI Pearl  

For more than 30 years Ken Ishiwata has been intimately exploring all newly-designed Marantz units. Only after his approval are they introduced to the world so that other lovers of music can experience
the moment.

To mark this 30th anniversary, Ken has created a special KI Signature limited edition “Pearl System”: an exquisite integrated amplifier and superb SACD player. Pearls are the traditional gift for a 30th anniversary. So it’s a fitting tribute to Ken Ishiwata, who has made it his personal labour of love to listen, improve and then listen and improve, again and again. It is this same single-minded devotion that has driven the design and development of the Pearls. They are unique. They resonate Marantz quality in sound and appearance. And they are destined to become a true milestone in Hi-Fi history.

Now with AirPlay Technology

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BOSE Lifestyle 18 II
BOSE Lifestyle 18 II
BOSE Lifestyle 38
BOSE Lifestyle 38
Yamaha MusicCAST systems
Yamaha MusicCAST

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